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Martin Lewis issues urgent warning for Britons eyeing cheap holiday deals

As lockdown begins to lift, many Britons are turning their attention back to the prospect of holidays. Though would-be holidaymakers have had dreams shattered amid cancellations and the grounding of flights, many travel firms are now boasting tempting holiday deals for the coming months, with plans to fly from July.

Though there are some attractive deals to be had, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis and his team have issued an urgent warning for those who may be considering booking a holiday in the coming months.

As part of the Money Saving Expert (MSE) weekly round-up, the financial pros advised keen customers to proceed with caution.

“In the immediate future, taking a holiday outside the UK is off due to Foreign Office advice against all but essential travel and, more broadly, the government’s lockdown rules,” explains the advice.

“We don’t know how long the Foreign Office advisory will last, but regardless, right now you can’t get travel insurance that covers you for most coronavirus-caused cancellations and claims.”

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Individual cancellation policies are vital for those who are hoping to book a trip.

MSE continues: “If it’s possible to book now, and then get a refund by cancelling if you can’t go due to coronavirus, then you may want to go for it (just ensure you pay via debit or credit card to improve protection in case travel firms go into administration).

“But nothing in this environment is without risk.”

The advice comes after airlines began to announce the resumption of flights for the summer months.

It will serve ten UK airports, and then two French routes to and from the UK.

UK airports included are Belfast International, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Glasgow, Inverness, the Isle of Man, Liverpool and Newcastle.

From August, the airline says it will serve 75 percent of its routes.

British Airways has also suggested it will make a “meaningful return to service” in July, though has also warned it may not make a full recovery until 2023.

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