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How to live longer: One behavioural tendency may add years to your life – do you have it?

Living longer can be the result of good choices. Eat right and exercise well, and you’re on your way to prolonging your life. However, one behaviour trait may also help.

A quantitative review was conducted by researchers from the University of California.

Specialising in the department of psychology, they wanted to explore the link between conscientiousness and greater health protection.

Utilising statistical analysis, the researchers sampled 20 independent samples.

Their data revealed that conscientious people did, in fact, live longer.

Following 1,500 boys and girls into old age, kids who were considered conscientious lived 11 percent longer than their less conscientious counterparts.

Building on these results, psychology researchers from the University of Illinois became involved.

For their research on the subject, they conducted a 10-year longitudinal sample.

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They said: “Our results found that conscientiousness significantly predicted greater longevity.”

Are you conscientious?

Conscientiousness refers to a person’s ability to be self-disciplined, organised, efficient, and goal-oriented.

Psychologist World notes that people who are conscientious show “an awareness of the impact that their own behaviour has on those around them”.

On a continuum, conscientious people “are aware of the effect that their words and actions can have on people in everyday situations”.

Due to their careful approach to life, they’re less likely to be involved in a car accident.

Published in the Journal of Personality, researchers Arthur and Graziano collected data from 477 people.

They concluded: “Individuals who rate themselves as more self-disciplined, responsible, reliable, and dependable are less likely to be involved in driving accidents than those who rate themselves lower on these attributes.”

And, of course, driving safely is one way to ensure you live longer.

your ticket to better health and longer life”.

They note: “Other research has found correlations between conscientiousness and lower blood pressure, lower rates of diabetes and stroke, and fewer joint problems.”

In particular, self-control has been closely linked to better health.

And it helps to be organised, punctual and grateful in life.

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