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Holidays: ‘It’s going to break!’ Terrifying moment glass bridge rattles 500 ft in the air

China is home to some absolutely spectacular sights. From the Great Wall of China to the Forbidden City to The Bund, there is plenty to see. But when visiting the stunning country, many would not think to visit one of its lesser known attractions which is both beautiful and horrifying.

A large group of line dancers can be seen doing the same routine and dancing in sync.

A staff member wearing a high-vis vest then approached them to tell them to stop.

The dancers broke the rules which are in place at the sight which include no running or jumping.

Despite flouting the rules, the tourists were not fined, according to site manager Mr Liu.

The manager added: “They were part of a tour group.

“They started dancing after reaching the other end of the bridge, then our employee went to stop them.”

Mr Liu explained that the bridge is made of reinforced glass panels and wire anchors which are capable of withstanding 14,000 tonnes.

Despite the high capacity threshold, the scene area limits visitor numbers on the glass-bottom bridge to just 300 at any one time.

Another member of staff said: “There’s nothing we can do if the tourists want to dance.

“But their dance lasted less than a minute before one of our staff members asked them to stop.

“He told them they weren’t allowed to dance on the bridge, then they dispersed.

“But the bridge itself is fine. They didn’t cause any damage.”

The Shangougou glass bridge opened to the public in October 2019.

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